MARRT - MAME Adult ROMs Removal Tool

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MARRT - MAME Adult ROMs Removal Tool

Copyright 2004 by Jonathan Leung

MARRT - MAME Adult ROMs Removal Tool

MARRT is a Windows Application File Programmed in Visual C++ for use with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 which uses the mature.ini from to remove all of the Adult Game ROMs from your MAME Roms Directory.

- MARRT is Freeware, Use at your own risk!
- The author is NOT responsible for any lost ROMs that MARRT deletes from the user's hard drive.
- Please post any comments/suggestions/requests you have either in the forum or E-Mail the author at

MARRT has been Published in the book Gaming Hacks by O'Reilly Books:

On Page 52-54 of Gaming Hacks by O'Reilly Books, there is an article talking about MARRT and how to use it.
Regular Retail Price on Gaming Hacks is $24.95 and can be purchased from
Please get this great book about arcade & console gaming!!!

History Of MARRT:

MARRT Version 1.2 Beta (20 Apr 2004):
- MARRT Now Packaged in a Setup File
- File/Directory Access Engine Now Rewritten for Efficiency
- Prompts You Before Execution of Move/Delete Commands
- Prompts For Creation of Move To Directory if Not Present
- Added Progress Bar for both Deletion and Moving of ROMs
- Added ROM Confirmation (tells you what ROMs could not be deleted)

MARRT Version 1.1 Beta (1 Apr 2004):
- MARRT has gone Windows Application (has a GUI)!, No More Batch File!
- Now Has Option to Delete OR Move Adult ROMs!
- Reads from the mature.ini everytime MARRT is loaded (replace mature.ini to delete different ROMs).
- Allows user to Add ROMs to delete or Remove ROMs to be deleted.

Click Here to Download MARRT Version 1.2 Beta

Click Here to Download MARRT (Batch File)

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